1. IMG_9499
  2. Rana-law-Layout
  3. IMG_8584
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
  6. Title 6
  7. Title 7
  8. Title 8
  9. Title 9
  10. Title 10


  1. Cadillac Fairview / West Vancouver
    Cadillac Fairview / West Vancouver
    Wall Graphics
  2. Frosted
    Printed pattern on frosted film
  3. Brown's Social House
    Brown's Social House
    block out film
  4. Organo Gold
    Organo Gold
    Printed Wall Graphic
  5. Organo Gold Coffee
    Organo Gold Coffee
    Frosted on Glass
  6. Digital Payment
    Digital Payment
    printed "lines / Wave" on opaque vinyl
  7. Response Tek
    Response Tek
    Printable Glass Graphics
  8. ITA
    custom cut-out patter on frosted film
  9. KWL
    Printed design on frosted film
  10. Coloured Vinyl
    Coloured Vinyl
  11. Coloured Vinyl on Film
    Coloured Vinyl on Film
  12. BCAA wall graphics
    BCAA wall graphics
    Words on walls (Friendly, helpful, appreciate)
  13. Printed Wall Graphics
    Printed Wall Graphics
  14. Print any custom image on glass
  15. ITA
    Acrylic signage on stand offs
  16. Title 17
    Title 17
  17. Block-out film
    Block-out film
    Brown's Social House
  18. YMCA
  19. Title 21
    Title 21
  20. BCITA
    Custom printed image on Film
  21. Printable Glass Graphics
    Printable Glass Graphics
  22. Stikeman Elliott LLP
    Stikeman Elliott LLP
  23. Canadian College of English
    Canadian College of English
  24. Canadian College of English
    Canadian College of English
  25. China Visa Application centre
    China Visa Application centre
  26. Microsoft
  27. Capstone Mining
    Capstone Mining
  28. Nyrstar
    Printed on frosted film
  29. ITA
  30. Cadillac Fairview
    Cadillac Fairview
    Acrylic Sign
  31. Cadillac Fairview
    Cadillac Fairview
    Printed map
  32. Nordstrom
  33. Nordstrom
    Frit frosted pattern
  34. Sun Commercial
    Sun Commercial
  35. Kaman Kwok
    Kaman Kwok
    Acrylic signage, layered on both sides with colour for added contrast.
  36. Kaman Kwok
    Kaman Kwok
    the process of applying a proof onto film.